“Centre of Clinical Excellence”

Contact Lenses will give you freedom from glasses…

We specialize in all type of contact lenses from fitting simple soft disposable lenses to the most complex eyes that need a customized soft or rigid gas permeable lens. Most of the opticians have minimal exposure in fitting specialized contact lenses.
We get referrals from colleagues and ophthalmologists to fit them.
We will fit any eye shape if it is physically possible!

Think your eyes are too complicate?? Think again!
Have you been told you can’t wear contact lenses??
Visit us for specialized advice!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the service and excellence in clinical standards!!

Contact Lens Fitting step by step

Initially a thorough eye examination using the latest technology is performed to find out the right prescription for your lenses and to make sure your eyes are generally healthy and healthy for contact lens wear.

The right contact lens is a mixture of our assessment of your eyes, your lifestyle and needs. We offer a wide range of soft lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia.
We will advice what is most suitable for you.

If you choose the path of daily or monthly disposable lenses you will have a trial period so you can get a feel of how they perform before you order the proper supply.

On the other hand specialized lenses (custom made designs) are ordered with guarantee of three months and any adjustment on the fit, power or even a change on the lens design completely is possible in order to achieve optimum results.

You will be instructed exactly how to use, clean and maintain them. Follow up appointments will be booked to assess your progress.

"We are proud to say that our success rate with new contact lens fittings is extremely high!"