“Centre of Clinical Excellence”

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are rigid lenses made of durable plastic that transmits oxygen. They are smaller than soft lenses so there is a greater risk of dislodging from the eye during sports or other activities.

One of the main advantage over soft contact lenses is the crisper, clearer vision especially in high powers of astigmatism, myopia or hypermetropia. The risk of inflammation or infection is less compared to soft lenses. They also have better deposit resistance and less reactions from contact lens solutions. They do require though some adaptation before they are as comfortable as soft lenses.

Gas permeables are extensively used for complex eyes, eyes with poor vision using glasses or soft contact lenses.

Corneal Topography

Is an imaging technique that creates a colour map of the front surface of the cornea. This three dimensional map can assist in the diagnosis of various conditions such as keratoconus but also provides information for contact lens fitting.

We use state of the art topographer where 9,600 points are measured across the cornea giving a very detailed topographical data, which can be used to decide the appropriate rigid gas permeable needed.

We specialize in all types of rigid gas permeable lenses from standard designs to correct normal eyes to designs that correct the most irregular corneas. We have access to numerous lenses from various labs to give the best results for your eyes.

Most of the opticians have minimal exposure in fitting rigid gas permeable lenses. We get referrals from colleagues and ophthalmologists to fit them. Call us for specialized advice.