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Paediatric contact lenses are a versatile and safe option to deal with babies and children with various eye conditions. Quite often glasses are not suitable and contact lenses are the only option to correct their vision.

Amblyopia (lazy eye) along with an eye condition is usually the case with the treated eye. Equally important is the follow up by an orthoptist and an ophthalmologist. We always work as a team when dealing with these patients.


  • Babies born with cataracts
  • High Myopia
  • High Hypermetropia
  • Anisometropia - one eye is very different from the other. Contact lenses will give a more balanced vision reducing the risk for the bad eye becoming lazy.
  • Irregular astigmatism from trauma or Herpes Simplex Virus scarring
  • Photophobia (sensitivity to light) - albinism, aniridia (no iris), iris coloboma

We have great experience with babies and kids needing contact lenses.

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