“Centre of Clinical Excellence”

The type that is mostly used. They are very comfortable with minimal adaptation required. They come in daily, monthly, three monthly and yearly replacement schemes. Frequent replacement is the safest option; minimal build up of deposits with reduced risk of having an inflammation or infection. Today with the advancements in designs and materials available, patients can enjoy long wearing times. Excellent for sports and occasional wear.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: You can enjoy that “new lens” feeling every day with no solutions needed to clean them. You simply throw them away at night.

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses: These lenses can be worn daily for a month. They must be removed before going to bed, then cleaned and stored with the solution recommended. There is a wide range of lenses to correct the visual needs for most of the general population. That include lenses for people with astigmatism and presbyopia. New novel materials (“silicone hydrogel”) are available that allow far more oxygen to reach the surface of the eye, up to five times more than the standard soft lenses (“hydrogel”).

Yearly Contact lenses: Still used with challenging cases such as high astigmatism, hypermetropia or myopia, paediatric lenses, cosmetic lenses. This modality has reduced to minimum because monthly lenses are available at a very reasonable price. Using the lenses for a year can have a greater risk of building up deposits on the surface of the lens, resulting in a greater risk to develop an eye inflammation or infection.