“Centre of Clinical Excellence”

Parents are always concerned at what age their children could start wearing contact lenses. Research has shown that children as young as eight can successfully handle, care and wear contact lenses.

Babies only few months old wear contact lenses if it is medically necessary!

Compliance is very important and since children are often very enthusiastic and well motivated just to get away from glasses they will listen and follow instructions by the book.

Contact lenses and sports
Contact lenses are great when children play sports. Spectacle frames obstruct the field of view and cold weather can fog lenses up. Spectacles also break, which can be dangerous and costly to replace!

Vision with contact lenses
Contact lenses provide more natural vision than spectacle lenses, which can make objects look distorted. Spectacle lenses for the correction of myopia can also make objects appear smaller than they really are.

Is your child ready to try contact lenses?
Parents are in the best position to know whether a child is responsible enough for contact lenses. Do they keep their room tidy? Do they need reminding to brush their hair and teeth? Can you trust them to know when to remove a contact lens if it is causing discomfort?

Bottom line
Serious ocular complications from contact lens wear are rare, and are no more common in children than in adults. While contact lenses might not work for every child, a motivated child can be just as successful with contact lenses as an adult.