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Myopia is increasing worldwide at a phenomenal rate and it is increasing at a rate that can’t be explained by genetics alone.

Research is showing that that there are methods to slow or prevent the progression of myopia, but the actions work best when the child is younger. Myopic changes are generally permanent; they don’t get better with treatment. Treatment should therefore be designed to prevent the development and progression and to do that requires eye examinations to start at a young age, approximately five years old for yearly exams.

How does Ortho-k (Night Lenses) control myopia?

Light going to the periphery of the retina is responsible for eye growth. As normal contact lenses don’t change the way the light hits the peripheral retina they aren’t effective at controlling the length of the eye. Ortho-K lenses reshape the front of the eye giving crisp, clear vision while refocus the light that reached the peripheral retina.

"Extensive research has shown that orthokeratology (Night Lenses) has the greatest effect in slowing the progression of myopia in children reducing the likelihood of developing associated problems such as glaucoma or retinal detachment in adulthood"

Your Child’s Myopia May Depend on What You Do Now!!