“Centre of Clinical Excellence”

After 9 years and 3 opticians I have finally found an Optometrist in Larnaca who provides an extremely thorough examination and excellent customer service! I have worn spectacles since I was 9 years old so have seen (no pun intended) many optometrists. I have been so disillusioned with the spectacles I have had from opticians in Cyprus that I was very reluctant to try again but my eyesight has deteriorated and I thought I would give it one last 'go'. I'm glad I did! Constantinos Kallias in Ermou Street (practically opposite the Academic Bookshop) is a UK qualified Optometrist, Principal Optometrist at the Pantheo Eye Centre in Limassol and the President of the Association of Optometrists in Cyprus. He is very patient and my eye test took around 30 minutes (not the cursory 7-8 minutes I received from others). Constantinos is professional and really seems to care about the service he offers. I'm sorry if I'm going on but it was so good to find someone like Constantinos and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. His telephone number is:00357 24 657556 and you can check him out on his webpage

PS His mother is also a UK qualified optician and she is also excellent!

C.T Teacher (UK)

Our Daughter was diagnosed with congenital cataract in her left eye at the age of 6 months and had to undergo cataract surgery to remove it. Since then she wears a contact lens in her left eye daily. Constantinos guided us through the whole process very professionally and friendly. He trained us on how to insert/remove the contact lens and delivered the new lenses on time, every time we lost them. He is an exceptional optometrist - Highly recommended! Thank you.

Christina & Yiannis

When I turned 18, I was diagnosed with severe keratoconus in both eyes. Ever since I have been to many ophthalmologists in Cyprus and also

I had INTACS (intrastromal corneal ring segments) implanted in both eyes in Greece with no success. I was really feeling hopeless since I had very poor vision and my every day life was hard if not to say miserable.

My last resort was Mr Constantinos Kallias who has prescribed custom made scleral contact lenses. Fortunately now I am able to read and drive without any problem. I have been using these lenses for the last 6 years with great success.

I really feel thankful and I would recommend Constantinos to other people with similar conditions. Thank you and keep up the good work!

C.D  40 year old school teacher

At first they feel kind of “weird” since they are rigid gas permeable lenses in regards to the traditional soft ones but in the end they make life a whole lot easier. I truly recommend orthokeratology especially for people who suffer from a dry and dusty environment.

A.M Orthopedic Surgeon

I was wearing monthly soft lenses for 20 years. Even though my vision was perfect, I wasn’t happy anymore. The soft lenses were bothering me. My eyes used to look red especially at the end of the each month and I couldn’t wait to go home to take them off and wear my prescription glasses. I was thinking to stop wearing lenses until I discovered overnight vision correction. It made my life so much easier. I am wearing the lenses before I go to sleep and I take them off when I wake up. My vision is perfect and my eyes look and feel great. No more red or dry eyes. Now I can enjoy my everyday activities without worrying about my vision and contact lenses. I recommend overnight vision correction for anyone who is ready to enjoy life without wearing lenses!

C.G teacher

I have been wearing glasses since the age of 15. At the age of 20 I decided to use soft contact lenses to improve my appearance. I am currently 34 and I was always thinking: “Wouldn’t be great if I could correct my eyesight and avoid using glasses or contact lenses without having to undergo refractive surgery?” It may sound far-fetched, but it’s a reality for many people! It’s called orthokeratology or OrthoK and it was introduced by my optometrist Constantinos Kallias! It took about a week to get 100% clear vision, but honestly even from the first day I had my vision corrected around 60-70%. I got rid of my glasses and contact lenses right away and now I don’t need to worry about them any more! I would definitely recommend orthok to anyone! It has really changed my life for good!

T.C Financial controller

I am 36 years old with keratoconus in both eyes. My first symptoms appeared in 1998. I visited few doctors then who advised me to wait until my keratoconus became stable and then to have special (hard) contact lenses in order to correct my vision. So I decided to visit a doctor in 2003 and I was fitted with rigid gas permeable contact lenses that of course improved my vision. Since then I had problems like not be able to wear them many hours and my eyes were very sensitive to strong lights that continued for 5 years.

So I started looking again my options regarding my problem. A friend of mine recommended an optometrist in Larnaca (Constantinos Kallias) who specializes in fitting contact lenses to people with keratoconus.

To be outspoken I was not expecting much. After my first visit he asked me to remove my contact lenses for two weeks to allow my corneas to return to their original shape. I was fitted with RGP lenses that felt really comfortable throughout the day and I could see very clear. Since then, 6 years later, I’m a very happy man! He did a fantastic job and I would strongly recommend him! I believe he is the best CL practitioner in Cyprus as far as concerning keratoconus.

N.N Hotel manager